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Re: TNG Caption This! 318: Proper Observation

Attempts to show Picard can be easily recast in order to lower the cost of Patrick Stewart's contract were unsuccessful.

DATA: Captain's log. I have successfully improved ship's efficiency. My analysis has shown that all efficiency problems stem from human error, therefore I have eliminated all humans. With all ship's operations wired into my positronic matrix, I project now that efficiency of ship's operations will increase by 37%.

DATA: It appears this Sherlock Holmes recreation is based on the 21st century movies rather than the original source material. Therefore I must now kick the enemy's ass.

TASHA: Do we really need to run? It's only Wesley.

BEVERLY: Is it true what they say about Klingons?
WORF: No. Our size is quite average, actually.
BEVERLY: Oh. Nevermind then.
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