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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for the Alpha Centauri system. Some of the very first interstellar colonists from Earth settled there after the invention of warp drive. Zefram Cochrane became one of them.
B is for Balock. Commander of the Fesarious. Which internally seems to be composed of big flowing curtains.
C is for Constable Odo.
D is for Daniels. He needs to come back and fix these last two movies. The timeline must repair itself.
E is for Earl Grey Tea. Captain Picard's caffeine fix.
F is for Farpoint.
G is for Garak's tailor shop. Not very big, but well-stocked and colorful.
H is for the Husnock. A species fifty billion strong. Wiped out in a blink of an eye.
I is for the Ilari. They were ruled by a dictatorial Autarch.
J is for Janus VI. Planet where Federation Pergium Miners killed a bunch of Horta babies.
K is for Kang, legendary warrior and the commander of a Klingon warship from the 2260s until at least 2293.
L is for Ligonian death match.
M is for the Metrons.
N is for Nausicaans. Ugly mother lovers.
O is for Orion animal women. Green, wild, and scantily clad.
P is for President of the United Federation of Planets. His office was located in the city of Paris, France on Earth.
Q is for quartermaster. The shipboard office that's in charge of all those cool uniforms. Kirk's first order to the quartermaster would have been to shorten all of the ladies' skirts by two inches.
R is for Reliant, one of many Miranda-class starships in service with Starfleet during the last years of the 23rd century.
S is for Scalosian hyperacceleration.
T is for the Tellurian Plague, one of the most dangerous epidemics of the 24th century.
U is for Utopia Planitia Fleet yards.
V is for the Valiant's electronic recorder marker, jettisoned from the doomed Earth ship just before its destruction circa 2065.
W is for Warp Factor 13.
X is for Xindi subspace corridors.
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