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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Quark was neither recurring, minor, nor secondary. Armin Shimerman's name was on the opening credits for Pete's sake. Additionally, he got lots of screen time, and plenty of episodes revolved around him.
I didn't say that he was. Yes, he got lots of screen time and lots of episodes dedicated to him where he was very fully fleshed out. That's hardly "dropping the ball," as you say...
The problem was that turning away from multidimensional characterizations and having all the protagonists adopt similar "good guy" values is not indicative of an "edgy" show. This is drifting even further off-topic, so I'll just refer you to here for what Shimerman has said about Quark becoming "domesticated" over the course of the show. Domesticating Quark, making him as adorable as he was by the end, was what I meant by dropping the ball.
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