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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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I was already kind of nervous about this from the trailers, and now after hearing what you guys have said has killed any interest I had in seeing this in theaters. I might check it out once it's on Netflix, but I definitely to see it in theaters. After playing The Last of US, I was in the mood for something else along those lines, and this definitely does not sound like it.
I'm not usually one that goes for tons of gore, but a PG-13 zombie movie sounds like a weird idea to me. For me the scariest and most disturbing part of the zombies has been the violence and gore in the scenes where they attack people.
I'm with you. A bloodless zombie film is absolutely pointless and the whole 'terminal virus' thing just pisses all over the original story. Honestly, screw this thing. If I need a WWZ fix I'll just give the recently released unabridged audio version another listen.
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