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I had no idea I was casually chating with big names of the Star Trek Literature! I agree with you Relayer1, this is pretty uncommon...
I checked Christopher & Greg's bibliographies; they're quite impressive indeed
I'll be following those advices all the more trustily, actually I just ordered a half dozen TOS books, among which 'The weight of worlds' - I'll soon see if I side with you about Greg being a VERY good author ;> (kidding)

In any case, thanks everybody for the advices and precise explanations!
Universe here I come *dramatic music playing*
If you want to check out a good Voyager book set during the series, check out Greg Cox's "The Black Shore". It's from the Kes era (that's the first three season's) of the show, which was the best era for Voyager.
Wow. Thanks again.

It seems like such a long time ago that I wrote that book . . ..
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