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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

If we're getting nostalgic, I remember being very disappointed with SUPERMAN II when it first came out because of all the slapstick comedy Lester added--and the way the movie softened Zod and Co. The first movie did an effective job of building up Zod and Ursa and Non as genuinely scary threats. Heck, we're told that Ursa actually murdered children back on Krypton (a line that was conspicuously deleted from the flashback to their trial in SUPERMAN II). After Hackman's comedic take on Luthor, I was looking forward to seeing Superman take on some truly menacing super-villains.

Alas, while the sequel still had it moments, there was also lots of campy silliness with super-breath, expandable Superman logos made out of Saran wrap, and memory-erasing kisses.

Which, to be fair, probably works when you're seven, but I was in college at the time and hoping for something a little more serious!

I felt like the new movie finally gave me the all-out battle between Superman and Zod that I've been waiting for since 1978 . . ..

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