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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Wasn't her smuggling cargo to the Maquis a demonstration of her dedication to them--to the point where she even went to prison for it?
No. She did that for Ben.
I'll have to watch it again, but let's just say that's the case. She still, as a captain, had to make a choice. And it was within her power to make that choice.
Kassidy was more of a sympathizer than an actual Maquis member, and her decision to turn herself in to face justice was entirely a factor of her not wanting to have to be a wanted fugitive and never being able to see Sisko again. Ultimately she's just a freighter pilot; she's the Malcolm Reynolds/Faye Valentine sort who can sneak onto the station every once in a while, pop out of Ben's closet at 2AM for a booty call and then slink away before the security teams get there. Apart from not having the stomach for any of that, there's the little fact that, apart from the criminally insane, Federation prisons are actually pretty damn comfortable.
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