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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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It is easily the worst iteration of Superman I have seen on TV or screen. Though, it might not have reached the depths of some of the comic iterations yet. It's gotten so bad in the comics that I have stopped reading them.
Whoa. I'm biased, of course, but are you seriously saying that Superman III, Superman Returns, and, holy god, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace were better movies?

The mind boggles . . . .
My list is pretty much II, I, Returns, III, IV, and MoS. The older serials were good, though definitely dated. MoS just never felt like a real Superman movie while I was watching it.

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Except it was added into the DOnner cut.
Yeah, but you don't get to ignore one of two cuts (the most well-known one) and then say he didn't kill him. He did so with a smile. And then he goes back to the diner and kicks the trucker's ass in revenge. That's not the Superman I know from the comics.

And even taking that into account, Superman II showed him actually concerned with people in the fight in the city...
"Don't do it ! The people !"

unlike this one that shows He and Zod probably killing thousands as they fight.
Apples to oranges. First, did you spot the spaceship that almost flattened Metropolis ? That did most of the damage, I'd think. Second, the battle is way more brutal. In II, the Kryptonians were trying to kill Superman. In MoS, Zod was trying to kill humans.

Sorry if I went into MoS expecting to love it and coming out hating it and hoping for a new reboot... I would rather have enjoyed the movie instead of being disgusted by it. Believe me.
I believe you. Wouldn't we all want to love all the movies we see ?

It's unfortunate you didn't like it, but like with STID, I don't appreciate when people pretend that something X that a new movie did is somehow different from the X that a previous entry of the same franchise did; an entry they happen to like. I think it's important to keep perspective.
I think I came at II and that scene with a perception that he didn't kill them. Even before I saw Donner's cut I never believed he had outright killed Zod for some reason. Course I was like 7 when I first saw it

As for the trucker scene.. yeah, I'll give that one. It was a bit odd that he didn't let it be. Didn't really understand it.

I also think what hurts MoS is that Smallville did the origin story already and had done it for 10 years just before this movie came out essentially... and really did it better. I could by the angstier levels and the struggle of becoming Superman. I think MoS really probably lost me when they had him be so conflicted after donning the suit. In every other Superman story, when he takes the suit.. he is beyond that struggle to realise who he is and what he does.

In MoS, that understanding comes... maybe... at the end of the film, when he's had the suit for a while already. Just doesn't fit the mythology. And Superman is one of the few characters I just give very little leeway for messing with... he's the ideal. The Boy Scout. He should never be anything less and I just felt MoS didn't truly understand that.
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