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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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Also when you take into account you have to re-buy Xbox One when it permanent redrings, PS4 is way cheaper.
Yes, because Microsoft learned nothing from their design problems has had sold nothing but lemons for the last six years. And Sony's hardware is a bastion of perfection and reliability.

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You should never really buy a console right when it comes out. There's always bugs, there's usually a price drop after the first wave.
There's a half-dozen games this fall that I want. Admittedly, none of them are next-gen exclusive. So, these are my choices:

1) Buy a next-gen console, and buy the games for it.
2) Do not buy a next-gen console yet. Buy the crappier versions for the old generation.
3) Do not buy a next-gen console yet. Don't buy the games until I have one sometime in 2014... if the games are even still available then.

I don't like #3, because I don't want to miss out on the games. I don't like #2, because then I'm stuck with the inferior version. (For Skylanders and Lego Marvel, it probably won't make a significant difference; for Watchdogs and Destiny it will.) So I'm choosing to go with #1.

Yes, I'll be paying more for the console than if I waited. But that's the price to pay to not get left behind.
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