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Re: Warp Drive in Star Trek Into Darkness - [SPOILERS]

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I'm deeply confused why anyone would find that surprising
I didn't say I found it surprising. I said it wasn't true.
Then explain it to me. Ball's in your court: Which TV series or movies made more Enterprise references than ST09/STID?

And I ask this because clearly you have references in mind to be so adamant about this; as for me, I hate Voyager and Insurrection WAY too much to start hunting for ENT references there, and I refuse to carefully watch any part of Nemesis until right before the Scimitar opens fire on them. There may be something burred in there, but I haven't seen it, and it's still FAR less than ST09 and STID.
I think I see what's happening here. When I posted the following:
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And ST09 and STID have, between the two of them, made more references to Enterprise than all of the other Trek series and movies combined.
Call me skeptical, but an assertion like that makes me want to see the list of all references, with statistical breakdown by series and/or movie.
I guess I must have been misreading your post to be saying that the AbramsTrek movies have made more references to Enterprise than AbramsTrek movies have made to all of the other series and movies combined, and it was that meaning which my reply addressed.

Because it completely escaped me that one would bother in the first place making the bleeding obvious statement that AbramsTrek made more references to Enterprise than all of the other series and movies combined have made references to Enterprise.

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