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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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There were practically no human female being in command positions in all the 5 Star Trek series.
While it might not have happened enough, I'm not sure "hardly" is the right word for all of them. Voyager is about one ship, and it's headed by a "human" woman. Enterprise is also about one ship, and the other ship we do see from Starfleet (that I can remember) was headed by a woman, Captain Hernandez. I quite liked her a lot. Deep Space Nine is about a space station by a wormhole that acts as an incoming/outgoing port. So, it only makes sense to see a lot of "aliens." Most of the people in the galaxy (or Alpha, Gamma, and Delta quadrants) are not human. And as I've mentioned, there was a Vice Admiral that was a woman and Kassidy was the captain of her own freighter ship.

And since you are wanting to be super technical about it, at the end of the day, who do you think these "aliens" were played by? Humans, of course.

Having said this, what would be nice is to see some non-white Admirals. I think it's interesting that everyone I've seen is white, with a few women thrown in. Maybe a black lady Admiral or even Starfleet captain for that matter. I don't think they've ever done that in Starfleet with black women. I think I read somewhere that Sulu's daughter ends up being a starship captain, but again, I don't think there's ever been an Asian lady Admiral or a Latina Admiral. It's just a thought...

I just have a bit of a problem with only 'alien' women being capable of command.

Obviously the producers of Star Trek were doubling by having women and aliens being represented in one position.

And I doubt DS9 passes the Bechel Test because I'm sure Bechel was talking about human women.

I'm not really saying DS9 or VOY were sexist. That would be ridiculous. Just that there were not many human females who even temporarily commanded a Starship/Space Station.

Just as in original BSG/Star Wars only men could be pilots

Yes and Keiko was a teacher but I'm talking about having women in charge (not just of O'Brien) just like Kira was at times. Why couldn't they have a human woman in charge of a ship ? Aren't human women capable of it? I think even women are allowed to be 'captains' nowadays. Why not in the 23rd/24th century?

Even some of the 'alien' women who were in command positions were not Starfleet (Kira and T'Pol) or once a man (Dax)
I'm sounding like Janice Lester now.
As to the rest of your post, you say there weren't a lot of women who commanded a starship or space station, but at least on the space station thing, there was only one that we saw on DS9 and that was DS9. So, there also weren't any other men (save for one) that commanded the space station, unless you want to mention Gul Dukat, but he's not "human."

If we are talking purely about starships, then perhaps more women could have been shown as Captains. I'd have to look at the series again to have a definite opinion about that one, and I do plan on doing a DS9 rewatch when I can get around to it. As for the other series, Enterprise did show Hernandez, and she was I think the only or about the only other captain other than Archer since they were just starting to send ships out on missions. Janeway was the captain of the Starship Voyager, but outside of that, I'm not sure.

And with Keiko, you only acknowledge that she was a teacher, and seemingly ignore the fact that she was also a chief botanist. So, I'm sure "chief" means that she was in a position of power and in charge of more than just herself, kind of like how Miles was the chief engineer and all the engineering staff had to answer to him.

Now if you really want to make an argument here, you could say that we could have seen Keiko in the field as cheif botanist a bit just like we saw her running the school. An episode featuring that could have worked with Miles going to visit her for some reason, and then something going awry. Still, I think they handled her character well enough considering that she's a main cast/crew member's wife. She got far more coverage and better treatment than most spouses I've seen in Trek. Usually, you don't even see them. You just hear about them.

Deep Space Nine handled secondary, recurring, and minor characters probably better than most series, and that includes non-sci-fi as well as sci-fi.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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