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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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TemporalFlux, Please explain to me how you would of stopped a genocidal GOD like villian like Zod from killing that family and prevent his warpath to wipe out Humanity that didn't involve killing him?
Well, at least we know you would have snapped his neck. I'm glad I don't have to be around you in any dark alleys.

The solution is to not write yourself in that corner in the first place. The sequence where the phantom zone is opened as a singularity was imagery and ideas taken from the Geoff Johns / Richard Donner Action Comics Annual #11 that concluded the Last Son story arc. Zod wasn't killed there; he was sucked back into the zone just like the rest.

Snyder and Goyer borrowed the ideas and images from the comics, but they adjusted the story to make sure Superman killed somebody. Again, I wonder if it's part of a grand plan to tell the story of "Exiled" and "The Eradicator" over the course a trilogy. We'll see.

However, I can't help how I felt when I saw Superman do it. I realize you don't care and even seem to like it; but that's you and not me.
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