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Send him back to the Phantom Zone. All it would have taken is restructuring the final act so that Zod was in a position--like the rest of the Kryptonian criminals--to be banished.
Yes, of course, I forgot about Superman's ability to re-write the script of the movie he's in.
Don't be willfully dense just for a laugh. You know what I meant.
Of course I knew what you meant, that doesn't make your original statement any less silly. Hell, we could say that about EVERY movie out there. "Batman didn't have to kill Ras, with some minor script changes he wouldn't have been on the train that was set to crash."

"Luke didn't have to have his hand chopped off. With some changes to the script and blocking his hand could have been a different position when Vader swung his saber."

"Part of New York didn't have to be damaged with the world threatened. With some minor changes to the script Loki never would have gotten his hands on Tesseract at all!"

"Frodo and company didn't have to walk all the way to Mordor to destroy the ring, with some changes to the script and original story the rings could have not existed to pose any problem at all!"

The point is that Zod DID escape getting into the Phantom Zone and then Superman had to do *something* with him and deal with him in some manner when he threatened innocents.

"It could have ended differently if it was written differently" isn't a solution. The writers wanted this to happen. The POINT is in how characters deal with it and the repercussions it has. Here, Superman snaps Zod's neck, breaks down, yells, and weeps. It was emotionally hard for him to do and for all we know it'll lead to him going into a "I will never kill again," mentality. In the situation Superman was in he had little other choice.

"It could have been different it was written differently" isn't a solution. It's meta-solving solutions. Stay inside the fourth-wall.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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