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Re: Unused crossover ideas

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^ Maybe the Federation was losing the war so badly because the bulk of their ships were century old models. Excelsior and Miranda class really?
Have you not heard of system upgrades? And who says those classes represented the bulk of the Federation fleet? What evidence do you have that your assertion is accurate?

AllStarEntprise wrote:
When you have Defiant, Galaxy, Sovereign, Intrepid, Akira and Prometheus class and how much durable and tactically superior those ships are. Whoever was making tactical/battle strategies at StarFleet needs to have their heads checked.
What does the type of ship have to do with specific battle strategies? Ships of a newer class may have superior capabilities, but said superiority has to do with improvements made to computer systems, weapons, and engines. None of those things in and of themselves have anything to do with establishing a tactical advantage.

Totally agree Sran.

Even if the Mirandas and Excelsiors are inferior, from TNG and DS9 they are clearly made out to be the bulk of Starfleet. However, it's more than feasable that they are a more than capable design, only being gradually phased out as newer anti-Borg designs were coming online. Were it not for Wolf 359 it's even possible we may have never seen an Akira or Steamrunner, and certainly no Defiant.

If you have 3,000 newer classes (Akira etc) and 7,000 older classes (Miranda) you're going to get your ass kicked if you leave the older ships out of the battle line.

No matter how advanced the Galaxy Class may be, if you're sending her into battle against 20-1 odds, she's going to go down fast.

Just look at Sacrifice of Angels for example. Now, delete all the Mirandas, Excelsiors and Ambassadors from the Federation fleet. The Feds may as well just turn around and go home.
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