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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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I just can't see how it is "tighter" or in any way better written than ST.
I think its script was better structured, and raised fewer questions (such as Marcus' exact plan, or how Khan fits into all this, which we've been discussing here.)

the "he's hot" line.
Really ? That's a problem with the plot ?

so many moments where suspension of disbelief is just utterly torn to shreds...
In a superhero movie ? Get out !

it was not a well written movie at all.
This just serves to show that even technical aspects of the production are up to subjective interpretation. There's no objective way to judge a movie except by its short- and long-term success.

Let's not even get into the Lois fiasco. That was the plot contriving ways to fit her in at most points and that was it.
I can think of Khan and Carol Marcus as STID characters that were not entirely justified and forced into the story at some points.

It is easily the worst iteration of Superman I have seen on TV or screen.
I take it you haven't seen the one with Richard Pryor...
And that's my opinion.
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