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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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TemporalFlux, Please explain to me how you would of stopped a genocidal GOD like villian like Zod from killing that family and prevent his warpath to wipe out Humanity that didn't involve killing him?
Send him back to the Phantom Zone. All it would have taken is restructuring the final act so that Zod was in a position--like the rest of the Kryptonian criminals--to be banished.
Yes, of course, I forgot about Superman's ability to re-write the script of the movie he's in.
Don't be willfully dense just for a laugh. You know what I meant.

The whole set up wherein Superman "had" to kill Zod was because Snyder and Goyer wanted it in there to "reinvent" the character. So they rewrote the ending, which originally, had Zod getting sucked into the PZ, to create a situation under which he "had" to kill Zod.

It was a tacked on coda, not something that flowed naturally from the rest of the script (insofar as, noted above, it wasn't in the original script). It didn't have to be there. The writers could have found ways around it if they hadn't been pushing for it in the first place.
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