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Re: Vintage FX: Star Trek vs Lost in Space

The bars were a much bigger deal a quarter-century back, when laserdisc was practically the only way to see Original Aspect Ratio. I remember my stepdad going absolutely bugshit when I played BLADE RUNNER for him, he couldn't deal with the bars AT ALL. I think he only started getting his head around it in the last 5 or 7 years, after he got an HD set.

I've never even seen them as bars myself, because the TV set is like a window on the movie. It only seemed weird to me when there was distortion, like cowboys were stretched out like Giacometti sculptures during credits of old westerns that got squeezed. And the worst is when you see credits letterboxed, but then the movie switched to fullscreen after the credits ended (am looking at you BITE THE BULLET - I know there's a proper edition out there, but it costs!)

Between messups on aspect ratio stuff and the weird no-blur/ high hz stuff in HD sets, there's still a lot that hurts my eyes ...
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