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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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I'd really like to know... Man of Steel was just an out and out bad film that not only had objective pacing issues and hamfisted writing, but betrayed the character so badly that I can't even say it was Superman.
That's a misuse of the word "objective."

It really was a great movie as far as I'm concerned, and certainly more tightly written than STID. Cavill's Clark/Superman is now my favorite, with a possible sentimental exception for George Reeves.

Look, it's just a fact that a lot more people around the world are familiar with and intrigued by Superman than by Star Trek.
I just can't see how it is "tighter" or in any way better written than ST. I had so many issues all over from Zod and Jor-el, to the tornado scene, the flashbacks being fairly poorly intermixed into the pacing, the fight scene at the end, to the "he's hot" line. So many "huh?" moments with fairly bad dialogue and so many moments where suspension of disbelief is just utterly torn to shreds... it was not a well written movie at all.

Let's not even get into the Lois fiasco. That was the plot contriving ways to fit her in at most points and that was it. So not even close to being anywhere near as well written as Trek.

It is easily the worst iteration of Superman I have seen on TV or screen. Though, it might not have reached the depths of some of the comic iterations yet. It's gotten so bad in the comics that I have stopped reading them.
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