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Re: Warp Drive in Star Trek Into Darkness - [SPOILERS]

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Ok I just went back to the beginning of this. Here's the original post:
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(5) If there is one Star Trek show ST09 and STID are proudly referencing as its predecessor, it is Star Trek: Enterprise
So I was right. Your last question makes no sense in context. We are discussing ENT references in ST09/STID in relation to references to other Trek shows in the same two movies, not references to ENT in other shows, which is impossible.
Yeah, you have that EXACTLY backwards.

Abrams Trek is referncing Enterprise as its predecessor because both in-universe and in production order, Enterprise IS its predecessor. What's curious -- from an in universe perspective -- is that none of the other series do, with the singular exception of Nemesis (buddy pointed out the "Valdore" reference that I had forgotten about).

TNG, Voyager, DS9 and the movies ALL contain direct and explicit references to TOS, including time-travel events, flashbacks, homages, mentions, even the occasional cameo. But there is no mention anywhere of the events depicted in Enterprise, and Enterprise goes out of its way to AVOID events that in any way resemble things that have been referred to before (places, yes, but not EVENTS).

Put that another way, as much as it pains me to say it: Abrams trek is effectively "Enterprise: the Next Generation."
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