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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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^You haven't seen Warm Bodies have you?

I actually have a synopsis written somewhere on an idea I had for a ghost movie that treated ghosts with a degree or two of eeriness while also a bit of a "romance" plot between one of the character and a female spirit (even had a love scene in it.)

Anyway, it seems with ghost movies it's usually the more stricter scary/horror avenue. But not quite the same as, say, vampires, zombies or werewolves when it comes to using them as the scary antagonists in a movie. Normally they go to straight-up horror rather than the popcorn movie monster villain like we have with zombies.
Both of the above I mentioned are zombie movies/series.
Ah. Gotcha.

Anyway, with this movie I did have to chuckle a bit with all of the production company logos before the movie including, humorously given this movie's history, one called "Plan B."

All the same, I still was pleasantly surprised by this movie though there are still some story plot problems in it but I guess when your movie is made by half-a-dozen different companies that mutilates the source material book that's going to happen.

Here's a question, though: In Jerusalem they had built the tall wall supposedly to keep out the zombie hordes and to contain the potential for rebuilding a society. Brad Pitt's character figures out pretty quickly that noise attracts the zombies... Soooo why hadn't the Israelis? Why allow the singing/clapping thing over the loud speaker to go on? Did they not realize that would attract the hordes of zombies just on the other side of the wall?!
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