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Audio Club - The Sirens of Time


In July 1999, Big Finish released their first Doctor Who monthly title, The Sirens of Time.

Brief Synopsis -

Gallifrey is threatened by an outside force, another race of time travelers who have somehow managed to sneak up on the planet. They are determined to wipe out the Time Lords. The Time Lords release their only hope is to get a message through to the Doctor, and hope that he can stop the invaders.

As will be typical for BF stories, it is told in four episodes, two episodes per CD. Episode 1 features Doctor Seven, 2 is Doctor Five, 3 is Doctor Six, while 4 brings the three Doctors together.

* * *

It's an ambitious tale to start out the range. As is typical for multi-Doctor stories, when they do finally get together, we pretty much see two of them together, while the other (or others) go off on their own adventure. The three were together (briefly) towards the end, but only for a few minutes here and there.

When I put this on, I sort of gave myself a pep talk ... This was the first out of the gate, they've learned from their mistakes, they might have put something in here that's massively stupid, the writing might make fanfic look well done ...

But listening to it, I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Sure, there's the whole not-getting-them-together til the end business, and there's the bipolar Time Lords, who are either 1) trying desperately to get the Doctor to save their planet, or 2) trying to kill him because of Plotonium.

Each of the first three episodes has the Doctor on some sort of adventure dealing with time running wild, without his companion (though they do get name-dropped), and meeting up with a strange young woman who needs his help.

The strangest part for me was hearing the voice of Evelyn Smythe, before she was Evelyn - Maggie Stables was here playing a vicious woman with a thick German accent, who was basically a space Nazi. She's supposed to be sweet and an upstanding member of society. Here, the character she's playing is anything but. She'd cut a bitch.

Overall, I enjoyed it very much, and I look forward to finding out what next month's selection is.

What say you?

* * *

If you missed the previous post about this, Big Finish has started an audio book club they are calling The Listeners. They offer a specific title for download at $2.99, and then invite people to talk about it as they would at a book club, on their website or facebook page.

Link to original Big Finish announcement.

Experience the magic of Big Finish audios in a whole new way! This month we're introducing The Listeners, an opportunity to get to know a particular audio inside out and discuss it with fellow fans. Yes, it's an audiobook club! Eat your hearts out, Richard & Judy. This month: Doctor Who: The Sirens of Time.
Each month, we'll be reducing the price of a release to 2.99 on download only and opening it up for discussion, both in the forums of the website and on our Facebook page. To kick things off, we're going right back to where else? - the beginning of the Big Finish Doctor Who story, with Doctor Who: The Sirens of Time.
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