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Re: Sacrifice of Angels , Ex Deus Machina?

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While you raise a valid point, the fact is the Prophets have been part of DS9 since the beginning and never really left. It's not like the Temporal Cold War or the Kazons, where they dropped off the face of the Earth after a certain time period. The Wormhole that introduced the Dominion is the home, as well as direct conduit, to the Prophets. Indeed, the whole "we need to destroy the wormhole" plot which kept cropping up seemed horrific to me as this is the home of a peaceful race of aliens.

For me, the Dominion War was going to be a big epic darker and edgier story but it was never going to drop the Prophets arc. Those who wanted to keep the mysticism of the Prophets from their hard science war I felt were bound to be disappointed because that was as much a part of Deep Space Nine as anything else.
Right, I agree.

One of my favorite moments of intervention by the Prophets was at the end of Accession, when they read a finished version of The Call of the Prophets, while at the same time realizing that the timeline had been changed. I thought Accession was a pretty good episode (the subplot of Miles not being able to keep his quarters clean notwithstanding).

I just thought the Pah-wraiths took it too far.

Knowing little about DS9 production history, I found this interesting. From

The producers had to fight to get this episode ["Accession"] made because the studio had told them not to do any shows about Bajoran religion. Episodes such as "In the Hands of the Prophets" from the first season and "The Collaborator" from the second had proved to be somewhat unpopular with viewers, and Paramount felt that shows dealing with religion in general, and Bajoran religion in particular, were not ratings winners. According to Hans Beimler, "Shows about religion, alien religion and the Prophets, are extraordinarily difficult. Not because they're hard to produce, but because they're not proven ratings winners. As a result, the studio tends to be happier when DS9 is doing action stories." Similarly, René Echevarria explains, "The studio doesn't like Bajor stories. And Bajor's religion is one aspect of Bajor to which they really don't respond." (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion)
This looks like it explains the deemphasis of the Prophets, and accordingly could explain some of the perception of there being a deus ex machina in Sacrifice of Angels.

I mean, it'd be more Star Trek if they'd just CLOSED the wormhole.
That's a very good point, too. And doing it that way would have been more like Errand of Mercy, in particular, for that matter.
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