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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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do any ships carry about marines for docking engagements?

Primarily because Starfleet doesn't operate in the ocean.

Is there such thing as actual soldiers with body armor rather than crewmembers who have combat training?

Strictly speaking, Starfleet doesn't operate a standing military organization, so their combat training is just one aspect of a VERY extensive curriculum.

Also, does the ST universe use any tanks or armored ground vehicles?
Starfleet doesn't, primarily by virtue of it not being a land force and not having any real need for land vehicles. I strongly suspect, however, that a dedicated land-based military does exist both on Earth and in various forms on the home worlds of Federation members and that said organizations, being mostly ground-based, probably possess all of the above things you mentioned. The nature of both transporter technology and the efficacy of shuttlecraft for short interplanetary voyages, however, means, it's unlikely that any military organization in the Federation would waste its money on starships.
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