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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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But it was largely an unrelentingly grim and violent film that, except for the scene where Superman first learned to fly, was almost completely without joy or wonder. And a Superman movie, unlike Batman, should have a lot of joy and wonder.

Donner and Reeve understood this.
Snyder and Nolan didn't.
I still do not understand this criticism at all.

For me there was plenty of joy and wonder in the amazing design of Krypton, in the dramatic rescues of the refinery workers and schoolkids, in the first reveal of Superman to us and to the military, in the arrival of the huge Kryptonian ships, in the exciting rescue of Lois from the escape pod, in Superman overcoming the energy beam and flying into the heart of the World Engine, and in much of the visuals and choreography of the epic battles.

As a Superman and superhero fan, I thought this movie was just chalk-full of wondrous and amazing moments (far more than in IM3, Cap, or Thor in fact), and sat there in awe pretty much all the way through. How anyone could be completely unimpressed or find the whole thing nothing but a dreary, tedious exercise, I'll never understand.
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