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Re: A way Endgame could have been redeemed

I was stoked when I first watched Endgame when it seemed to me they were going to do something insanely clever with the future reunion. I was thinking how awesome was this, they're going to tell a few adventures in flashback about how they got home mixed in with where they are now in life and what happened after.

Then... like Voyager so often does... they disappointed me and failed to deliver. No, let's get Janeway and Voyager in yet another time travel scenario that's facepalming as can be, and let's put them in a scenario that's less conceivable than a video game on god mode. Which I guess is basically what the batmobile armor and supertechnobabble one shot torpedoes are.

I could've even tolerated the time travel nonsense again if it at least gave us -something- of a resolution beyond... a two second okay they're home shot. Fade to black. Though I guess at least it's consistent in being disappointing. Really that's the verdict on the whole series for me. It wasn't the worst. But it could've been so much better.
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