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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
The examination room looks fantastic. You've definitely earned yourself a break.

I noticed that now there's place for two chairs and I think that not only looks but "feels" better. I'd dare to say that nobody in real life would put a chair facing an empty wall (unless there's a panel or viewscreen...) but a chair near the wall from where you can see he entire room and, of course, the door.

Great thing you tackled the inside of the wall cabinet, Greg. But I think the "McGivers mirror" you seem to be missing had been replaced by a panel by Season Three.

Here's a screenshot from "The Enterprise Incident" , and yet a better one from "That Which Survives".

Oh, I know the mirror right at that door jamb between the INT SICK BAY EXAMINATION ROOM and INT. DOCTOR McCOY'S OFFICE got replaced. It's just that as people click around and navigate through this starship "walk through" experience, I'm trying to think of what people will be wanting to and expecting to see.

Although there are some who are undoubtedly going to use this "walk through" and say (in their best Hank Azaria's "Comic Book Guy" voice): "I will be extremely disappointed if this walk-through game neglects to include that yellow square that you can see at the door jamb behind Doctor M'Benga for a few frames in 'That Which Survives'," my hunch is, if I were to play the odds, would be that more people would say "Let's check and see if they remembered to put in Lieutenant Galway's mirror from "The Deadly Years."

I guess Donny will be deciding if he wants to insert stuff that he thinks people will want to or expect to see, or if he wants, instead, to dress the sets merely as we last left them four decades ago.
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