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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Finished re watching BoBW and a certain shot of the Enterprise's lighting pass caught my eye, any idea what's going on here?
I thought that was odd too. There appears to be too much directional blur on the deflector and windows. But also, the lighting is noticeably different between them. In the original SD version, look closely at the shadow being cast by the left nacelle onto the support strut beneath it. Now, look at the HD version... no shadow. The backlight is lower. There are other lighting inconsistencies as well. The angle is also subtly different -- the camera is ever so slightly lower in the HD version. This appears to be an alternate VFX take. I guess they weren't able to find the original shot.

But like the alternate takes of Riker on the battle bridge that were used in BOBW II, I'd prefer this to an upscale or CG recreation.
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