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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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However, doyou accept that it is a franchise that has more gender balance?
Sure, but what does that matter if it isn't very good? But it's also a TV series not a two-hour movie, it is new and not based on previous material and it didn't have seven core characters it had to service
Well, a lot of people disliked Enterprise, so that show had poor gender balance AND wasn't very good. Gender balance won't make a bad story good but neither will sexism. Nonetheless, we should strive to avoid sexism where possible.

Out of interest, what aspects of the show did you find to be so objectionable? I thought it was better than Fringe (which became too convoluted for the casual viewer), Continuum (which seems to be improving but there aren't enough characters to avoid it repeating itself) and Revolution (which paid only lip service to a world without resources). Are there any new sci fi shows with which you find favour?
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