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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Greg: I have the mounted instrument tray planned (with all sorts of instruments), but I'm not too sure which "small instrument stands" you are referring to. Forgive me, I'm away from my computer today so I don't have easy access to all my references. Could you post a cap of the stand in question? I can think of one Amanda stands next to in Journey to Babel while McCoy operates on Sarek. Is that one of them?

Bob is correct when he talks about the mirror being replaced by a panel by Season 3, but I'm leaning towards using the mirror anyway. It's more visual interesting.

Also, Bob, I have the structure of the ward room complete now, so I was able to adjust the back wall of the exam room to allow more space, hence the chair I added. It all worked out pretty nice, and I had overestimated the third bed wall's intrusion into the exam room.
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