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Re: One particular SPOILER from The Name of the Doctor

^Well, sure, it's pretty much a given in-story that the Time War rewrote history. But what needs to be understood is that the original series was anything but a consistent timeline. It contradicted itself and rewrote its rules all the time, because so many different people wrote and produced it for different generations of viewers, and past episodes were seen as disposable, something not expected to be seen again (the mentality that led to the erasure of so many of them). So its continuity was a mess. Atlantis was destroyed in three contradictory ways. Earth was destroyed/devastated in a few different ways, at least a couple of which were incompatible. The future development of Earth's technology was portrayed quite inconsistently as well -- one story gives them transmats (teleporters) by 2100, but many later stories show no sign of the technology hundreds or thousands of years further forward. Mars was home to the Ice Warriors in the Second Doctor era, but they weren't mentioned at all in "The Pyramids of Mars." The Daleks and Cybermen met their final ends multiple times, and updated Cyberman designs were used in place of older designs no matter where the stories were set in time. UNIT stories were presumed to be set nearly a decade in the future, the late '70s and early '80s, while they were being made, but when the Brigadier returned in "Mawdryn Undead" it was assumed that the UNIT era had happened in real time, with the Brig retiring in 1976. And the show was blithely unconcerned with the kind of time paradoxes that so intrigue Moffat; every time the Doctor met his former selves, the question of whether he should remember living through the same events was completely ignored.

So while I can analyze and nitpick the heck out of other SFTV shows, I've rarely seen the point with Doctor Who. It's more the sort of show where you just roll with the absurdities and don't worry about how it holds together.
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