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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

C+ or B-

As a belated father's day event (he was sick last week), I took my 73 year old father who has been a Superman fan since the 1940s to see it today.

He wasn't impressed.
I liked it a better than he did but I was disappointed.

The cast was very good, especially Costner, Crowe and Cavill.

The fight scene in Smallville had some good moments. Same with the prologue on Krypton.

But it was largely an unrelentingly grim and violent film that, except for the scene where Superman first learned to fly, was almost completely without joy or wonder. And a Superman movie, unlike Batman, should have a lot of joy and wonder.

Donner and Reeve understood this.
Snyder and Nolan didn't.
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