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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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Riker is not out of line for wanting to discuss the shift rotation with Jellico after the department heads expressed their concerns. Riker is taking their concerns up the chain of command like he's supposed to. He is trying to make sure that all the information is presented to Jellico
No, he's not out of line in wanting a discussion. He's wrong in that he sidestepped the captain's order in order to do so. The proper course of action is to carry out the order, unless it is an improper order. Then, if & when concerns arise, you bring them up the chain of command, & say "This IS causing significant problems", state what they are, & request permission to return to the previous arrangement. Yes, Riker's job is to bring concerns up the chain, but it's also his job to carry orders down it, & the captain's orders supersede the subordinate's concerns, unless they are absolutely critical

And true, most of the story is more a mole hill than a mountain, until Riker blows up at Jellico. Before then, it's really just an issue of him displaying less than exemplary conduct, & Jellico being seemingly unreasonable, which I've stated previously might have been an inescapable hand he was forced to play, in a crisis situation

Did Riker HAVE to be insubordinate? Maybe not. Did he feel it necessary to become so? Most likely. Did Jellico HAVE to be unreasonable? Maybe not. Did he feel it was necessary to be so? Most likely. At the end of the day, the captain is the one with the bigger footprint
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