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Haven't there been references to the Starfleet Marines in either screen productions or novels? I swear I've heard that term used in universe somewhere.
As for the uniforms, do you mean something along the lines of the undershirt from the Abramsverse? I could see that working myself.
Not really. There are behind the scenes sources which describe the guys in blue shirts in Trek V as Marines, but they weren't described as such on screen. In Enterprise's early planning stages Malcolm Reed was described as a "Starfleet Marine" though that was dropped by the time production began. Otherwise, the term "Starfleet Marine" hasn't been used in anything official.

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^I did describe the admiral's stripes in Chapter 1: "five alternating wide and narrow stripes." I assume that, as with the captain's stripes, the wide ones are on the outside, so it'd be wide, narrow, wide, narrow, wide.
Are there Commodores, Rear Admirals and Vice Admirals in Starfleet in this era, with combinations of wide and narrow stripes ?
Starfleet did have the separate flag grades during Enterprise's run. Admiral Forrest was a Vice Admiral and we saw him as a Commodore in First Flight. Admiral Leonard in Broken Bow was a Rear Admiral. So I'd say there's enough evidence to say "yes."
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