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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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(Of course, it's possible there never was any "Colonel West". The poor chap's surname may simply be Cornell-West... When the name is used at the President's office, it is in a situation where nobody gets called by rank - the President insists on first or last names instead.)
Pretty silly explanation if you ask me no offence.

Im 99% sure colonal means colonal.

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In the latter, a bunch of characters without specified rank were commanded by a Captain and then by a Commander until those became casualties, suggesting a navy style hierarchy.

Timo Saloniemi

Does not mean anything really as up until the 20th century Commanders , Captains and Admirals could get soilders in joint opperations to command. Normaly they would be be in shore raids and like missions. AR-558 due to is impact on the fleet may have been a joint opperation with the ground forces takeing a subordinant role. Or the senoir ground force officers may have been killed leaving the Starship officers.

Was it me or did the dieing officer in Nor the battle to strong seem have multiple layers under his shot up uniform? Some kind of light armor?
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