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Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions

The 11's is kinda growing on me - it's got a lot going on with it and it just looks pretty coo. Although honestly I do like the 9th/10th Doctor's sonic - it's simple looking yet appropriately alien-ish and futuristic. Looks almost like a fancy flashlight at first blush so no one really pays it much mind. The 11's looks far more 'tool' like with the 3 different grip surfaces, the polished ceramic looking bottom, the leather bound ergo grip and then the ribbed claw part. Plus it actually moves a bit more, so its like a TOS/Ent era Star Trek communicator or even the nuTrek movie phasers that flip around for stun and kill. It does something even when its not making noise or lighting up.

I like both the modern sonics compared to the 'classic' sonics that really only made noise or had to use SFX to look like they're working. Really it was smart of the prop guys to make the new sonics light up and have moving parts to make it seem like its doing different things. Like the 10th's raising and lowering head piece and 11's raising claws.

Although I think the sonic cane, maybe redone slightly could be kinda cool to see make a more regular come back. But I would kinda like something that has some neat details, maybe more of that Time Lord 'circles' motif like on the Doctor's fob watch. More textured, but also with a few movable elements. We've had claws and we've had a raising head, be interesting if it could extend a bit more, not like a light saber mind you but sort of like work like a billy club.

I always sort of thought it'd be frickin' funny to see the Doctor whack someone over the head with the sonic - especially Smith's - but the 11's sonic seems so delicate that if you did whack someone over the head with it, that thing would break!

"Doctor you hit him! Did you do something neat and sonic with it?"

"No I just hit him on the head... should be passed out... " uses the sonic to scan him. "For at least a few minutes. Now run!"

Honestly I'd like to see 12 be a bit more... I hate to say it but... a bit more Batman, James Bond, Supafly and Kung Fu all put together.

And if you get the reference to that line you get a No Prize.
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