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Re: One particular SPOILER from The Name of the Doctor

Well think about it - all the meddling with time and space and other things probably changed things here and there and y'know hey... that was the same thing people complained about Trek was all the continuity to have to keep straight - even more confusing is when not everything from the past 50 years - even the past 40 years isn't really completely available. So I'll give Moffat some props for actually TRYING to tie in things to the past more so than RTD did and still think that this 'new series' should almost be accepted as a quasi-reboot - for all we know the Time War fucked a lot of things right up the ass and the 'future' as seen from any of the previous 8 Doctors is totally up for grabs as are events from the past. That COULD be what the Hurt Doctor's 'crime' was - he tried to 'fix' things too much.
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