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I think it might have to do with how slowly the transfer takes place. from the brain transplant wiki:

"In 1982 Dr. Dorothy T. Krieger, chief of endocrinology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, achieved notable success with a partial brain transplant in mice.
A partial brain transplant could accomplish essentially the same goal movement of a person's "identity" from one body to another and thus qualify as a whole-body transplant no less than a full brain transplant."

"As Dr. Krieger demonstrated, barriers to accomplishing this feat might be much lower than transplantation of the entire brain."

Now if this were a chip and you had, say, a debilitating condition, functions of the brain would slowly be transfered over without you ever losing consciousness.

Now if a duplicate program from that were flash transmitted--THAT would be the ex nihlo copy.

I think it has to do with speed of transfer.
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