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Re: Favourite & Least Favourite Trek relaunch novels?

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My favorites shelf from shelfari (includes both Trek and non-Trek stuff)
EDIT: Didn't notice the least favorites part. They would be, Titan: The Red King (not necissarily bad, just kind of meh), Before Dishonor (I've tried it twice and I couldn't finish it), Seize the Fire (I gave up after about 100 pages, I just didn't care for Martin's writing style). I really enjoyed most of Martin & Mangels stuff (except Red King) so I was surprised by just how little I enjoyed Seize the Fire.
As many others on this forum have mentioned, I'd love for Mangels to tackle some Trek on his own. I enjoyed many of the Mangels/Martin novels, but non of the Martin solo stuff. I can't help but wonder how a Mangels solo novel would read.
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