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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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Haha to all you Heat haters. 305 baby. Suck it.
I love how "brave" fans such as yourself come busting into the thread talking shit after your team wins. Reminds me of Celtic fans.
I wasn't going to comment at all until I saw how you were so butt hurt over a Heat repeat. Haters like you are the icing on top of that victory cake. You better get use to that feeling. The Heat are going 3 peat.
You better check your reading comprehension skills, home-slice. I've been predicting, but not rooting for or against, a Heat repeat since the playoffs started. So of all the posts since game 7, mine were the ones that you picked out as hater-aid? Reading comprehension son -- it is your friend.

And unless they actually do 3-peat, I'm sure we won't be seeing your little gloat trolling self in this thread again, right? You sure you aren't a closet Celtics fan?
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