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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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That and you cannot tell me marketing and distribution of a film equals the budget of a film. That's plain stupid math.
Steven Soderbergh has been talking a lot lately about the financial state of the industry and how it's impacting what gets made. Here's one of the things he said recently:

“[Studios] don’t look at the singles or the doubles as being worth the money or the man hours. Psychologically, it’s more comforting to spend $60m promoting a movie that costs 100, than it does to spend $60m for a movie that costs 10. I know what you’re thinking: If it costs 10 you’re going to be in profit sooner. Maybe not. Here’s why: Okay. $10m movie, 60m to promote it, that’s 70, so you’ve got to gross 140 to get out. Now you’ve got a $100m movie, you’re going spend 60 to promote it. You’ve got to get 320 to get out. How many $10m movies make 140 million dollars? Not many. How many $100m movies make 320? A pretty good number, and there’s this sort of domino effect that happens too. Bigger home video sales, bigger TV sales, so you can see the forces that are sort of draining in one direction in the business.”
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