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Re: One particular SPOILER from The Name of the Doctor

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I dunno, I think RTD's years had a pretty tight continuity within the stories themselves, and with what came before, especially in regard to the Tom Baker years, whose Genesis of the Daleks was the unofficial beggining of the Time War.
That was, what, five or six years out of over thirty? And I felt RTD was as revisionist as any previous Who producer, reinventing the laws of time or rewriting past and future cosmic history as it suited him. For instance, the fate of Earth in "The End of the World" didn't bear any resemblance to its other far-future fates in stories like "The Ark" or "The Mysterious Planet." By contrast, "The Beast Below" in Moffat's first season did implicitly tie into the solar-flare cataclysm from "The Ark in Space"/"The Sontaran Experiment." Moffat's been heavier on the past-continuity nods than RTD was, but he's also been quite cavalier about rewriting the continuity, even explicitly incorporating the mutability of time into his storytelling.
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