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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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So let me get this straight, the zombies in this film won't attack anyone who is terminally ill because it won't propagate the zombie virus.
What the what? Really?
Yes. The scene in the trailer where all the zombies are streaming past the little bald kid in Jerusalem as he kneels to the ground; that was because the kid had cancer. They also go around an elderly man who had an unspecified illness as well.

That "camouflage" of having a deadly illness is what the whole last act of the film hinges upon, and is the surviving humans first really successful weapon against the zombies. It allows them to infect soldiers with a fatal but curable virus before sending them into combat against the zombies, essentially "cloaked." So, if this is a dealbreaker for you, you're going to be really disappointed by the last part of the film.

How the zombies or the virus are instantly able to diagnose that illness while they're streaming by someone at high speed is beyond me, but then, being zombified gives them all kinds of superpowers in this movie that normal humans don't have (other than the usual undead thing). They're able to instantly stack up like the little magnetic ball bearing sculptures, they seemingly run 50mph, they jump and lift things better than Olympic athletes on a cocktail of 'roids, they cooperate like an ant colony, and through the magic of being PG-13, even whilst being trampled by hundreds of their own kind in a tidal wave of zombies, they don't seem to get injured in the slightest. Not a crushed skull or ribcage to be found.
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