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Re: Been thinking its time to try Doctor Who

The sole Ninth Doctor season is easily the best way to introduce Doctor Who to a newbie. From the mystery of this "immortal" time-traveller, right down to his regeneration to the Tenth Doctor, this season shows all the beats of what Doctor Who, and what the Doctor is all about. For a new fan, its the perfect place to start.

And I say that as one such, who got into Doctor Who just a month ago, and never looked back. Finished the Tennant years, and scouted throughout the Troughton and Baker years. Its a long ride, but I had to start somewhere, and "Rose" was that place - and I didn't even know what I was missing.

So, yeah, start with "Rose", see the Eccleston-Tennant episodes/RTD's era, and go from there.
"Spock...?" Kirk said, whispering.
"I am... most pleased to see again, Captain" Spock formally replied.
McCoy shook his head in disgust. "Oh, for crying out loud, Spock. Its been eighty years!"
"Seventy eight point four years, Doctor."

The Holy Three meet again, in The Return
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