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The American version is different from the other versions. (As far as I know) most versions of Big Brother are like US Big Brother season 1 where the viewers totally determine who leaves.

US Big Brother is like a badly cast, wussy version of Survivor.
Yes, in I think almost all international versions of BB (except for the new BB Canada) the public votes for who is evicted. That clearly didn't work in the first season of BBUS, so I'm glad they changed the rules.

And I would say that because of this difference the BBUS version is less trashy, because the focus is more on strategy and alliances rather than just a straight up popularity contest. I guess it depends on why you watch, but I watch for the psychological aspects of it, which you can't find in any other show on TV (well there's Survivor, but we don't get to see them scheming 24/7). And hey, at least they haven't had any celebrity versions!

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Heh, Spot, can you give some specific examples of manipulative editing? I've read the 'controversy' section of the Wikipedia page and the only one listed there is when they apparently tried to manipulate Ian in the diary room last season.
Well my memory sucks, so I'm probably forgetting most of the great examples, but for instance Brendon was a completely different person on feeds than on the episodes. If the regular viewing audience had watched feeds there is no way they would have voted him back in that second season. Biggest douchebag ever and a little abusive towards Rachel. Another example is Shelly. For the first two months of the show the episodes didn't show any of her scheming and strategizing, they just stuck her in the mom role, but those watching the feeds know that she was very manipulative and strategic from the beginning.

So it's things like that...there are viewers who go further and say that the diary room producers actually put words in the houseguests' mouths, but I doubt it's that blatant, because they don't need to be. They can simply pick and choose your footage so that you appear to be a certain way, when really there is a whole different side to you that might turn off the voting public if they knew about it.
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