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Re: Living witness, Implausible?

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Its hard for me to imagine, given the way technolagy works in Star trek, that by the 32 century, the federation hasnt colonized most of the galaxy, if not most of this galactic cluster.
Let's do the math. The galaxy has an estimated 400 billion stars. Leave out the 90% in the probably-uninhabitable central bulge and you've got 40 billion disk stars. Let's say maybe 50% are the right spectral type to support a habitable planet, leaving 20 billion -- and current exoplanet studies suggest that nearly all star systems have planets. There's no guarantee a planet in the habitable zone would be the right type, though, so let's conservatively say there are 2 billion habitable planets in the galaxy. At a guess, let's say that one in 20 of those have space-age civilizations, since those seem pretty common in Trek. That reduces it to 100 million civilizations eligible for contact.

Now, let's assume that the Federation masters quantum slipstream drive (as it's begun to do in the novels) or some form of transwarp, so travel time is no object. And let's assume its fleet grows huge enough that it could make first contact with, say, a hundred new warp-capable civilizations every single day galaxy-wide. At that rate, to visit all of them even once would take a million days, or over 2700 years.

At that rate, even after 800 years with quantum slipstream or transwarp, the Federation would've only been able to make first contact with fewer than 1/3 of the spacegoing civilizations in the galaxy, and to establish ongoing diplomatic relations with a far smaller number, since that would take more time.

So no, it's not at all unreasonable that the Vaskans and Kyrians could still be unfamiliar with the Federation after 800 years. The galaxy is simply too huge for every civilization to be acquainted with every other civilization. Indeed, past a certain point it would become unwieldy to try to maintain diplomatic relations with every civilization you can reach. How would you even keep track of millions of other civilizations? It would take forever.

Leaving that aside... Any ideas what kind of welcome the Archive of the doctor, would recieve when he got home?

Reintegration with the doctor himself, perhaps, if hes still online?
They would surely have evolved into very different individuals by that point.
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