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Re: "A Fine Ship if Ever There Was One."

^Thank you for your comments, CeJay. Feedback is always appreciated, as it helps me to become a better writer. Glad you're enjoying the story, too!

You're right in that Sran has a unique perspecitive on humanity. Even at this juncture, you can clearly see that he's been able to intergrate well into human culture: he wouldn't have succeeded at Starfleet Academy without being able to do so.

Yet, it's also not hard to miss traditional Romulan traits he exhibits: constant vigilance, slight impatience with people of more rigid cultures (like the Ferengi), and suspicion of everyone and everything around him. His paranoia is much more subdued after years of living with humans, but it's there.

I haven't completely worked out the direction I'm going to take this story in, but there will definitely be more coming. Thanks again!

"He clapped his captain—his friend—on the shoulder. Yes, this man was very much like James Kirk, in all the ways that mattered." --Christopher L. Bennett-- Star Trek: Mere Anarachy, The Darkness Drops Again
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