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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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It's kinda funny that Batman doesn't kill, but Superman does.
Batman didn't seem to have any qualms with machine gunning the shit out of the guys in the Tumblers and trucks in TDKR (one of which directly showed the bullets from The Bat killing the driver of the truck), and he caused Talia's fatal crash. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Plus, his whole Ra's al Ghul "I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you" line was a copout on his part. If you sent Gordon to blow up the tracks and then stand by when you could save Ra's from the crash, you most certainly did kill him.

Mind you, I don't have a problem with either.
He also killed the Joker in the '89 movie.

The idea that superheroes (or some of them) don't kill is a conceit to some extent. It might be more accurate to say they won't murder or they try to avoid direct killing unless it's impossible to avoid. As a general rule superheroes do try to bring the villain to justice rather than just offing them otherwise they would be no better than hit-men.

Batman and Superman both came out during the era of the gangster or soon after. They fit into the perception that a sort of warfare did exist between the gangsters and law enforcement. And in war there isn't much sentiment or regret over killing the enemy.

In the recent Batman films as well as with MoS both Bats and Supes were faced with ideological zealots who would not stop. There really isn't much difference between Ras al Gul and General Zod in terms of mentality. In the end the heroes realize and accept the only way to stop the villains was to kill them, or in Batman's case simply let Ras die.

MoS makes two significant changes to the origin story: Superman isn't introduced gradually and Lois learns who he is right off. In previous versions Superman (in costume) simply starts helping people and earns their trust before being faced with a really big menace. In MoS trust is earned in the fire of combat when they see whose side this alien is fighting on. It didn't have the magical element the '78 film had in how Supes first appears, but it is nonetheless quite dramatic. Lois learning of Clark's identity right off works simply because it establishes her as a genuinely smart and capable person and finally gets around the silliness of simple glasses being a convincing disguise. I, too, have enjoyed Clark stupefying Lois in how he can get the scoop on her so easily or get onto a scene so fast, but if you're going to treat the subject matter in a more realistic manner than that conceit can't really work convincingly anymore. So better to get it out of the way and simultaneously show how sharp Lois really is.

Watching this film I admit that I thought it might be rather fun to see Christian Bale's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman interacting together. But since Bale's Batman is essentially retired (in universe assuming they are one and the same) then that isn't likely to happen.
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