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Re: the 27 drug and antidote episodes

Gov Kodos wrote: View Post
You discussed nothing. It's simply a list.

Mister Atoz I have asked you, twice, not to just post lists without a discussion topic:

The first one died without any discussion, and I closed the second one.

You could easily present your list, then offer an insight or a theory or a question...

How important is medical intervention in Starfleet?
Does the emphasis on poisons/drugs reflect what was going on at the time of the writing?
Is there a practical reason why so many episodes have these themes?

I could come up with a dozen more.

This is a discussion board, and threads should have a clear topic for discussion. The proof is in this thread itself, which has by and large led to a discussion about...well...posting lists (except Timo's post).

Since I've asked you twice before not to do this, I am closing this thread. If you want to try again, with a clear topic for discussion, you are welcome to it.

"Hailing frequencies closed."
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