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Re: Vintage FX: Star Trek vs Lost in Space

If black bars are necessary to preserve the original aspect ratio of the broadcast, then that's fine with me. I want to see every film or video in the aspect ratio it was intended to have. If it was made for 4:3, I want to see it in 4:3, and if it was made for widescreen, I want to see it in widescreen. That's the only thing that makes sense to me. It's bizarre and Procrustean to care more about the shape of the screen you're watching on than the shape that the image was designed to have. You don't see people stretching the Mona Lisa out sideways or slashing off the sides of Guernica to force them to fit an arbitrary frame. The intended proportions of the artwork itself dictate how it's framed and displayed. And the same should be true for any movie or television broadcast. The black bars should just be considered part of the frame, since the TV screen itself can't change its shape to fit the image.
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