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Re: GPS tries to kill Massachusetts woman

Emher wrote: View Post
The fuck I need a GPS for? I got a map!
I've used a sat-nav for when I was a field employee and I might be in a different location every day/week. It was a useful tool to find a specific location in a place I had never been. But I sill looked at road signs and checked if I could turn down a road, it might have changed since the sat-nav map I was using.

Gov Kodos wrote: View Post
While that GPS made some poor decisions, lately, I'm sure it has the greatest enthusiasm for its mission.
And I'm sure it enjoyed working with humans, and would continue to do so even if sperated by great distances.
On the continent of wild endeavour in the mountains of solace and solitude there stood the citadel of the time lords, the oldest and most mighty race in the universe looking down on the galaxies below sworn never to interfere only to watch.
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